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When a client arrives at Sanders Detox, they are often in need of sometime in our supervised detox program. Detoxification is the process by which the toxins left behind in your body as a result of prolonged substance abuse are purged.

While this process may not be comfortable, it is essential in order to offer the best chance that the client is able to reach their goals for recovery. Detox can be daunting because it may be characterized by the symptoms of withdrawal. We are able to offer a chance to avoid the worst aspects of detox thanks to the supervision of our friendly staff. While we may not be able to eradicate every possible symptom, we can provide our clients with a safe environment.

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Another key element of the addiction recovery treatment we offer here at Sanders Detox is group therapy.
Dual Diagnosis
You probably think of group therapy when you think of a drug detox clinic. This is because group therapy is often shown when a drug rehab center is shown in popular media. This is not entirely without merit, because while group therapy is not the entire story when it comes to addiction recovery treatment, it is often an essential component.
Supervised Detox
During group therapy sessions at our drug rehab center, we provide our clients with the opportunity to share and learn with their peers here in our addiction recovery clinic.
Aftercare Services
For certain clients, it is imperative that we include dual diagnosis mental health treatment in their personalized addiction recovery plan. This is essential when a client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder and not just addiction.
Personalized Treatments
In instances like this, the client needs to get treatment for both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder to enjoy the best possible chance at attaining and sustaining recovery. If a client who has a co-occurring disorder does not get that disorder properly treated, they are at a considerably greater risk of returning to substance abuse after leaving our Sanders Detox. Dual diagnosis allows us to ensure the client can avoid this outcome.